Auditing & Accounting Committee

An Auditing & Accounting Committee consisting of not fewer than three members, none of whom can be the Lodge Secretary or Treasurer, a Trustee or a member of the Supervisory or Managing Body of the Club, Social Parlor, or other Lodge facility.  The Auditing & Accounting Committee shall:

  1. Be charged with making all arrangements for completion and submission of the Lodge’s Annual Financial Report to the Grand Lodge and all required governmental agencies by June 15th for all entities of the Lodge whose fiscal year ends March 31st, in accordance with Sec. 13.040 of the Laws of the Order and the provisions of the Grand Lodge Auditing, Accounting & Management Manual.
  2. Secure a financial report of any entity affiliated with the Lodge, having a fiscal year ending other than March 31st, within sixty days after the close of the fiscal year.
  3. Require the use by the Lodge of the Uniform Chart of Accounts provided for in Sec. 4.330 of the Laws of the Order.
  4. Review the year-to-date financial affairs and compliance with the approved budget of the Lodge in the months of July, October and January, and report at the last regular meeting of those months.
  5. Act on other financial matters as the Lodge may direct.
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